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Frequently Asked Questions

You should have your cleaning and checkup visit at least twice a year, in some cases your doctor or hygienist may recommend more frequent visits. It’s essential to maintain your dental health.

Our office accepts most insurance plans, although our providers are not in-network. The best way to find out if we accept your plan is to contact us. We will be more than happy to check your benefits for you.

We love to take care of young smiles! It is a good idea to bring your little one in for a visit by their first birthday to ensure healthy habits from the very beginning. Our doctors are parents themselves so they know best how to make it a good experience for your little one. We also offer braces for older kids and teenagers (and adults too!).

Yes! There are many ways to improve your smile. Norwood Park Dentistry offers options such as tooth whitening, tooth colored fillings, veneers, crowns and orthodontics (Invisalign as well as traditional brackets) to make your smile look its best!

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