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Pediatric Dentistry

Deciduous teeth are commonly referred to as baby teeth or primary teeth. Due to baby teeth erupting, your infant may be a little cranky. Use teething toys to help with your little one’s tender gums. Below is a chart showing when the teeth should erupt.

tooth eruption chart

Baby bottle tooth decay is a term used to describe early childhood decay. Many children fall asleep drinking their bottle. The sugars that are in milk and juices then stay on the teeth, and overtime the sugars mix with bacteria, causing decay.

Pacifiers and thumb sucking in children is a therapeutic action done while the child is feeling calm, sleepy and secure. If a child is using a pacifier or sucking his or her thumb after the age of four, dental complications can occur. Front teeth may not form normally, creating an open bite, jaw misalignment, narrowing of the roof of the mouth, mouth sores, and more.

open bite

The AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) recommends a child’s first dental visit to be around the time of their first birthday . It’s very important for children to start getting used to being in a dental setting at an early age to create a positive association with dentistry

Newly formed teeth have a lot of anatomy, such as depressions and grooves, making the tooth harder to clean and susceptible to decay. A sealant is a thin coating painted on the chewing surfaces to fill in some of these grooves and depressions and “seal” off the tooth. The sealant works as a barrier of the tooth and the food or bacteria in the mouth.

unsealed tooth
sealed tooth

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