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Preventive Dentistry


Preventive dentistry is the practice of caring for your teeth to keep them healthy. Good brushing twice a day and flossing will help to avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more.

Even if home oral hygiene is excellent, it’s still very important to come in at least twice a year for a professional dental prophylaxis, or cleaning. Our hygienist uses special instruments to remove build up of plaque and staining. Plaque is the yellow film that collects on teeth caused by bacteria and food, and if not removed, plaque will form into tartar. This can progress to gum disease, inflammation, and cavities.

X-Rays are taken to allow us to see if there are any cavities, infections, bone loss, irregularities and abnormalities. The American Dental Association recommends taking bitewing x-rays every 6-12 months, while a full set of radiographs is done once every 3-5 years, depending on each patient. To see is to know, not to see is to guess, and we won’t guess about your health.

Nutrition is also a big part of oral health. Limiting sugars, such as sweets, sodas and simple carbohydrates, drinking water, eating foods high in vitamins and minerals will help teeth to stay healthy and strong.

Remember, cavities and decay can be prevented. Let us help by visiting the dentist regularly for cleanings and exams.


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